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At LVC, we're always looking for the best and brightest Vets and Nurses in the industry.


If you're keen to work in a fast paced, ever changing Vet Clinic, feel free to send your resume through to us - you never know what opportunities may be available!



Graduate Veterinarians

If you're a new or soon to be a new graduate who's eager to learn a lot in our exciting Emergency Vet Care and Vet Care, we look to take on 1 new graduate every year.


Send us your resume and cover letter to this email address, telling us why you want to work and learn with us.


Trainee Certificate IV Vet Nursing Applicants

We look to take on students enrolled at Open Colleges completing their Certificate IV Vet Nursing, looking for trainee nursing experience.


If you are a current student looking for amazing experience in the field of Vet Nursing, please send your resume and cover letter to this email address.


Work Experience

Due to the nature of our Emergency Vet Care and Vet Clinic, we are only able to take on students who have completed Year 11 and who are serious about a future in Vet Nursing or Veterinary Science.


If you are looking for work experience and are heading into your final year of study, send your resume and cover letter to this email