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Not only do we have ultrasound facilities in house, we also have a specialist sonographer whom we are able to call in to perform ultrasounds when needed. Ultrasounds are used to look at the functionality of many internal organs including liver, kidney, uterus, heart, intestines and blood vessels. We are able to diagnose a range of conditions including blockages, gall and bladder stones and pregnancy with minimal stress to your pet.


Xray (Radiology)

We are fortunate enough to have an in-house digital x-ray facility in our Hospital. This means we are able to provide your pet with the quickest diagnosis possible if the need for x-rays becomes apparent. Our state of the art digital system allows us to receive instant and sharper images, meaning we can provide you with better diagnosis, faster.


We use x-rays to diagnose injury in both soft tissue and bone structures. We also have portable Dental x-ray which allows us to see what may be going on in your pet’s mouth and identify issues below the gum line during their dental procedure.

To ensure the best quality x-ray that is the least stressful for your pet, we require your pet to be sedated; all routine procedures will be booked as a Day Procedure. We will perform the x-ray through the day and contact you with the results and treatment plan.