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Dog Care


Puppy Care

Caring for your Puppy 

Congratulations on the arrival of your newest family member! Here you will find all the information you need to give your puppy the best start to life, including vaccination, parasite control, microchipping, socialisation, desexing, nutrition, our LVC Healthcare Plans, along with Commonly Asked Dog Questions.


Parasite care

We recommend protecting your puppy against flea, intestinal worm and heartworm. There are a number of different treatments we can recommend and will tailor a parasite control plan for your puppy depending on their needs.


As a general rule, puppies should be wormed:


Every two weeks from 2 to 16 weeks of age

Every month from 4 to 6 months of age, then...

Every three months for life


We recommend you flea your puppy from 4 weeks of age, every month. Once they have reached their adult weight, we can recommend a flea treatment which can be given every 3 months.



For information regarding Puppy vaccinations, please click here.



To give your puppy the best nutritional start to life, we recommend a well balanced prepared Puppy food, specifically designed to fulfill the nutritional needs of your growing pup. We sell and recommend the Hills range of pet food at the clinic, come and speak to our friendly staff for the best advice for your puppy.


General Dog Care Questions 

How often should I bath my dog?


It really depends on your dog and their needs. If they have ‘normal’ skin and are brushed regularly, you won’t need to bathe your dog more often than once every 3 months. So long

as you use pet shampoo, you can bathe them up to once a month, however not more than this, as you don’t want to over wash all the oils that live on your dog’s skin and coat that provide protection.


Do LVC offer a grooming service?

Due to the fact that we are now an Emergency Hopsital, we no longer offer grooming services. However, we do recommend Super Pet Warehouse in Chirnside Park - their grooming team are fantastic and are conveniently located on Maroondah Hwy, right near Bunnings Warehouse.


How often should I get their nails clipped?

Dog’s nails should be trimmed just before they hit the ground or start to catch on things like your carpet or clothes. If your dog appears to be uncomfortable when they’re walking, it may be because their nails are too long. If your dog goes on regular walks or walks on cement and rough surfaces regularly, you will find they don’t need to be clipped as often as a dog who lives most of its life indoors.


My pet will be going into a kennel, what do I need to prepare for their stay?

Most boarding kennels will require your pet to be fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) within the 12 months before their stay. You may be required to provide a vaccination certificate to show your pet has been vaccinated; feel free to call the clinic where we will happily provide you with this paperwork if needed.


When can I take my puppy for a walk?

 We recommend that you wait until your puppy has received their second  booster shot at 10-12 weeks before taking them on walks, as their immune  systems won’t be strong enough without this booster vaccine and they are  more susceptible to picking up disease during this time.



Do I need to treat my dog for ticks?

We don’t often see local cases of ticks in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. However, if you are traveling along the Eastern coast of Australia with your beloved pooch, we highly recommend you treat them with parasite control which includes tick protection. Click here for more information.