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Dealing with the loss of your beloved furry friend is never easy. It can happen unexpectedly, due to an accident or injury, or can start to happen slowly due to declining health or old age.


Here at LVC, we want to help make this process as painless and comforting for our clients as possible - we understand that it is one of the hardest times in a pet owner’s life and want to provide all the support and advice needed to help you make the right decision.


Making the decision to Euthanise

The bond between pet and owner is unique and we understand that the decision to euthanise is one of the hardest you will have to make. It is a very personal, loving choice that sometimes must be made when a pet’s quality of life has deteriorated to a point which is no longer bearable. Having said that, we also understand the emotions you may go through when making the hard decision, and our dedicated Vet’s are here to help and support you make that decision when the time comes.  


What’s involved?

At LVC, we are blessed to be able to create a comfortable space for you and your pet to share your last precious moments together, giving you utmost privacy and a quiet space. We will book your appointment at a time when the clinic is fairly quiet (late morning or in the evening) to ensure you can take your time and not feel rushed.


In most cases, we will sedate your pet, to help them feel relaxed and not feel any pain. They will then be given the euthanasia drug which will take moments to take effect - your pet will fall into a deep sleep and will then take their last breath.


It is completely up to you how long you wish to stay with your pet during this time. It is a deeply personal decision and we will adapt to your needs.


What happens afterwards?

You have several options to choose from; you can choose to take your pet home with you for home burial, or we can arrange to have your pet cremated.


We use Eden Hills Pet Cremations, who will lovingly take care of your pet’s remains. You have the choice of a group cremation or a more personalised individual cremation, where your pet’s ashes will be returned to the clinic for you to pick up and take home. They offer a range of vessels for you to choose from. Our dedicated staff will discuss these options with you when the time comes.