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LVC Healthcare Plans

"Prevention is better than cure"


At LVC, we understand that veterinary care costs can be expensive. That's why we've created our Healthcare Plans, designed to not only give you peace of mind that the essentials of your pets health care will be taken care of, but that your back pocket will be looked after too!


Do keep in mind, these plans are not an insurance policy. Our plans are designed to promote preventative wellness care of your pet. 


What Does It Include?


LVC Health Care Plan Details
   Young Senior
Consults - unlimited*  Y Y
Emergency Consult^  Y Y
Vaccinations^^  Y Y
Microchip  Y N
Senior Pet Screen Test      Liver Function N Y
Kidney Function N Y
Complete blood cell count N Y
Urine Analysis N Y
Dental Scale & Polish (incl anaesthetic)  Y N
2 Comprehensive Exams  Y Y
Discount on Medication & Pet Food**    Medicines Y Y
Chronic Medications Y Y
Pet Food Y Y
Gold Plan Monthly Price $39.95°
 LVC HCP inc Parasite Control   Year Round flea control Y Y
Intestinal wormer Y Y
Heartworm (Dog only) Y Y
Premium Plan Cat Monthly Price $49.95°
Premium Plan Dog Monthly Price $59.95°


*Consult with Nurse or Vet as appropriate. 

** Medications & Food discount only applicable to standard stock items 

^Consult with our Accident & Emergency staff outside normal business hours. 

^^Vaccinations means F3 and FIV for cats, C5 for dogs. 


°one off $29 joining fee will apply 


Some waiting periods and conditions apply, please speak to our friendly staff for more information


Do keep in mind, these plans don't cover the additional costs of your pet's treatment, such as elective surgeries or blood tests. You will still be liable for these costs.