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At Lilydale Vet Centre, we offer a 4 week intensive Puppy Socialisation program, designed for puppies between the ages of 8 to 14 weeks.


We believe it is best to socialise your new puppy at this stage in life, to help set them up with the social skills they’ll need as they grow to adult dogs.


The program helps to socialise your puppy by introducing them to other puppies at a similar age. The puppies will spend the day together, they will go for a walk together, have lunch time, a bath and lots of play time, teaching them to behave, share and be comfortable around other dogs.





The other important aspect to our Socialisation classes is that it helps your puppy become comfortable with the clinic, with our nurses and Vet’s so that when you need to bring them in for their yearly vaccinations, to be desexed or for general consultations, they will be excited to visit, making the experience far easier for you and your beloved dog.


Here are some Puppy School family testimonials.......


From Kate (Jerry's mum)


"Sending our gorgeous Great Dane Puppy Jerry to puppy school at  Lilydale Vet Centre was one of the best decisions we could have made.  Even though Jerry was by far the biggest puppy there it didn't stop him from  having a fantastic time each week. He made lots of new friends, and with most as big as his front paw the socialisation had done him wonders. I can not praise the fabulous team enough, who's friendly and caring smiles greeted us each Wednesday morning. Jerry had his own portfolio with updates each week on what he got up too. He was also lucky enough to get  a warm bath each week and his nails clipped, and I just loved packing his lunch too. When Jerry had graduated from puppy preschool he had learned  many things and we all enjoyed reading about his weeks. Now when we visit the vets he is so excited to go and see everyone, he runs up the ramp and in the front door like he owns the place, which is good for us because trying  to get a fully grown Great Dane anywhere he doesn't want to go is an effort in  itself! Couldn't recommend puppy school at the vets highly enough, it was a great experience for us all."




From Yola (Scruffy's mum)






Scruffy had a fun and positive experience at puppy school. He loved meeting and playing with other puppies. He came home exhausted and looking so handsome from all the pampering. Thanks everyone at Lilydale Vet Centre for making this such fun for Scruffy and special thanks to Rachael.











At LVC, we often get asked about Puppy Training Schools. Whilst we don’t run obedience training classes we do recommend the following local businesses which provide exceptional obedience training for your puppy.



Alpha Dog Training     Croydon Dog Obedience Club