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Clinical Care Services


In House Blood Testing

Just as with humans, pets may need blood tests to help us determine any number of illnesses or conditions. Some of the reasons for performing blood tests are to look at organ function,   measuring the effects of certain medications on the body, as well as to determine  the severity of illness or the strength of your pet’s immune system.


Our in house blood analysis equipment allows us to test your pet’s blood while you wait. Usually, we will have results back within 20 minutes which means we’re able to provide you with a faster treatment plan. There are some occasions when we will need to send your pet’s blood off for testing with an external laboratory. These will be specialised cases and you can rest assured the Vet will call you with the results as soon as they arrive back to us.  


In house Pharmacy

Our extensive  in house pharmacy, means that most medications prescribed can be filled for you from the clinic. There are some exceptions which the medication may need to be ordered in, the majority of these medications are specially  compounded medications for your individual pet’s needs.  

For ongoing scripts, we require a minimum 3 hours notice to provide us with the time to get the legally required approval from the vet on duty. And, if you order a day in advance, as a way of thanking you for helping our day run more smoothly, we will give you a $7.00 discount on your script!

Specialist Referral

We are fortunate to have some of Melbourne’s best animal specialists available if the need for referral occurs. Some of them can provide their services at our hospital, whilst others will require your pet to travel to their clinics where they have state of the art equipment to best treat your pet. These specialists include Dr Chris Preston at Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre and the All Animal Eye Specialists.



We now have the team and facilities available to offer chemotherapy in house. Our dedicated team are able to devise the best treatment plan for your beloved pet and manage their journey in the most comfortable way possible.