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Surgical Care 


At Lilydale Vet Centre, we understand the emotions owners go through when considering surgical care for their beloved pets, whatever the procedure may be. For this reason, we believe it is crucial that we provide you with the information you need to understand the standards of care that we implement to ensure all pets are cared for to the highest level possible.


Surgical Procedures

Our qualified team of Veterinarians are highly trained in most surgical procedures, all of which are done in our state of the art facilities. The common surgeries undertaken at the clinic include the following:

  • Desexing
  • Dental scale & polish including extractions
  • Tumor and Lump removal
  • Caesarians
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Cruciate Ligament Surgery

All surgeries are completed in a sterile environment where the Vet’s are scrubbed in wearing surgical gowns, gloves, and caps. All equipment is sterilised in an autoclave to ensure only the best for your pet. Your pet is kept comfortable and warm, while being continuously  monitored by a qualified nurse with specialised equipment.

Before Surgery

At admission, all owners will have a consultation with one of our Vets, who will walk through the process of each procedure. All pets will undergo a pre-anesthetic health check to ensure they are fit for surgery.


On the day of surgery, your pet will have a dedicated Nurse who will attend to their needs from pre-surgery preparation through to post surgery recovery and discharge.


All patients will receive intravenous fluids to help maintain healthy liver and kidney function during surgery. It will help to flush the anesthetic through their system, ensuring a faster recovery after the procedure. They also help to maintain blood pressure during surgery.


All patients will receive a tailored pain relief program while in our care to ensure a comfortable experience. If needed , a pain relief product may also be dispensed at discharge to assist with their recovery at home.

It is crucial that all patients are fasted in preparation for their surgery; this means no food from 8pm the night before. You will be asked at admission if your pet has fasted from food. They are able to drink water during this time.

After Surgery FAQ’s

With any surgical procedure, it is important to understand your pet has been through quite an experience and recovery can take time. At the time of discharge you will be given a summary sheet from the Vet with tips and advice to help aid in their recovery once they are home with you.  We ask that you inform everyone in your family of the advice you are given and follow the directions careful to provide the best outcome for your pet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions.


Why does my pet have a shaved patch on their leg?

You may notice a small area of shaved fur on their front leg; this is where the IV line was inserted to provide their anesthetic/sedative for surgery.


My pet seems a little groggy, how long will this last for?

As with most anesthetics, it will take time for them to recover. However, you should find your beloved pet is back to their normal selves in 12-24 hours post surgery. If you’re finding your pet is still not themselves past this time, feel free to call the clinic.


How do I look after their wound?

You will need to keep the wound and surrounding area clean and dry. This means avoiding water and no baths for at least 2 weeks post surgery! If you find the wound is oozing or appears ‘crusty’ please ring the clinic. . For pets who are prone to licking their wounds, we advise the use of an Elizabethan collar, which can be purchased at the time of discharge for a small fee. We advise they are worn for 10-14 days after surgery to give the site time to heal without the risk of the wound being opened or infected by licking.


Do I need to bring my pet back after surgery?

Yes, with the exception of a scale and polish procedure, we will always arrange a Post Surgical follow up appointment, usually 5-7 days after the surgery to check how the wound is healing and to answer any questions you may have. This appointment is free of charge and is highly beneficial in ensuring the best post surgical outcomes.


When will the stitches be removed?

At LVC we use dissolvable stitches, both internally and externally. So long as you’re patient, the external stitches will dissolve on their own within a couple of months. However in some instances, will will arrange to remove the stitches in your Post Surgical follow up appointment. This is a very quick and painless process and is free of charge.