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Do Mice Threaten Your Pets? Paw Print

Do Mice Threaten Your Pets?

Do Mice Threaten Your Pets?

You have discovered little droppings when you wake up in the morning, usually in the kitchen somewhere. The telltale signs that “YOU HAVE MICE!” AND you have children and pets and really don’t want to put out baits that can harm them.
Scientists are busy with studies where they control the minds of laboratory rats but until it becomes available to me and you, we will need to make another plan.
(This is very interesting if you want to read more about it

Here are three ways to protect your home from rats and mice this season.

Do’s and Don’ts of Rodent Control

  • DO Cover all food sources (ie pet food) from the surrounding area.
  • Repair your home. 
  • DO act fast – rodents can multiply very quickly.
  • DO use gloves when using all products, human scent can deter rats and mice from engaging with traps and baits.
  • DO repair and maintenance. Stuff possible entry sites with steel wool!
  • DON’T assume you only have one offender. There is mummy and daddy and uncle and aunty etc etc etc


Most of them are deadly to your pet but there is natural bait out now that contains corn gluten and salt. This is indigestible to mice and rats and they stop eating and drinking. One still has to be sensible about putting it out because it can cause vomiting and diarrhoea in pets. They require multiple feedings by the rodents and results will be slow.

Do’s and Don’ts of Baiting

  • DO use a lockable bait station to keep bait away from children and pets.
  • DO use gloves when handling baits.
  • DON’T use baiting outside of your home unless in a lockable bait station.


These are very scary and you can only get one mouse at a time but the word may spread and they will go somewhere safer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Traps

  • DO place trap at 90 degrees to the wall
  • DON’T over bait the trap. 
  • DO use high protein and fat foods like peanut butter. Mice don’t really like cheese!

Ultrasonic Devices

There are multiple brands of these electric devices that are said to emit either a sonic or ultrasonic wave, which these pests allegedly find irritating. The sound emitted by these repellents cannot pass through walls, and furniture may limit their range. In short… data on the devices show little or no effect on mice.

Peppermint, mothballs, and ultrasonic sound waves belong in the “Great Book of Myths”

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